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Take a Hike to These Local Waterfalls

Boasting more waterfalls than anywhere else in the nation, the Upcountry is an outdoor lover’s paradise.

There’s something about the sound of rushing water cascading over rocks that beckons all of us. Here’s a look at a few.

Chau Ram County Park

One of Oconee Counties best-kept secrets, this local park has several waterfalls including Ramsey Falls, a nice 40-foot waterfall located just off the main parking lot. Other waterfalls are viewable on a short, downstream hike.

Cedar Falls Park

Located in the southern part of Greenville County, the shoals at Cedar Falls were once used to power local mills and generate electrical power in the 1820’s. Today, a short paved trail takes visitors next to wide, cascading waterfalls which dump into numerous pools, reminiscent of a small Niagara Falls.

Rainbow Falls Trail at Jones Gap State Park

In the northern part of Greenville County sits Jones Gap, part of the 11,000-acre Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, a peaceful yet popular area with five waterfalls. A short, but steep hike will take you to Rainbow Falls-arguably the best waterfall in South Carolina.

Wildcat Branch Falls

A popular local spot for those heading to Table Rock State Park or Caesars Head, Wildcat Branch Falls offers not just a roadside stop with its first waterfall but two additional falls are accessible via a 1.0-mile loop trail.

Bad Creek Whitewater Falls

As you enter through the electric-fenced gate, you get a feeling that you’re trespassing and gaining entrance into some top secret facility. But Duke Energy, which owns the site, keeps the grounds free and open to the public year-round. Along the shores of Lake Jocassee, Bad Creek serves as a trailhead for the 80-mile long Foothills Trail and offers access to the Whitewater River, one of South Carolina’s best trout streams. Whitewater Falls is a series of six waterfalls located in North and South Carolina, making it the highest series of falls in the Eastern U.S.

By Sherry Jackson, a freelance writer based in Greenville. See more of her work at Dragonfly Ventures